“Successful proven talent” refers to both our successful past and our envied Expert pool of talent. However, for consistently high performance, we need to develop our existing capabilities in two main areas. First, we have to influence the best and brightest talents in Turkey and we must add the following:

We want to stay as an inspirational brand and company that the best people want to work under the DETAM Patents. Secondly, we aim to increase the diversity within the company; Because different perspectives and backgrounds are the keys to innovation culture. In this direction, we strive to have a wide range of competencies and skills. Our goal is to reach new targets every year.

Presenting innovations to our customers

“Innovation” is one of our core values ​​and an indispensable part of our cultural heritage. It expresses the production of systems, services and solutions that provide great benefits to our customers. This means that; We are not only exploring these innovations, but we also make DETAM become the most advanced information and novice institutional benchmark in ensuring that we get the market leadership of Occupational Health Safety.

Provide unique competitive advantage to our customers

“The meaning of Competitive Advantage is that we understand the real needs of our customers. We provide our customers with services and solutions that do not include high quality and high cost. We strive to be a reliable business partner that contributes to the success of our customers.

“Unique” indicates to our customers that we offer solutions to our customers that other Occupational Health and Safety companies will never be able to offer. At the same time, it expresses our commitment to perfection and the difficulties our customers face in order to make our understanding different from their competitors.


Providing Competitiveness with our understanding of Speed, Flexibility and High Quality in our Domestic and Foreign Activities and keeping Customer Satisfaction at the Top Level.