DETAM GROUP; With the principle that protecting human health and security is the most important value with the principle of “Rescuing a human being, saving all mankind” by adopting scientific thinking in order to be able to fight this field and to be successful, it is aimed to open, dynamic, constantly improving human resource Employment, employment and the permanence and productivity of this source that it has taken as its principle.

DETAM GROUP, Human Resources Unit;

At the same time, we are continuing our activities to ensure that our employees adopt the principles and goals of the institution and at the same time prepare the environment in which they can develop themselves, work out their creative aspects and work in the most efficient manner, while continuing to develop the human resources practices which are the basis of their continuous development philosophy and activities, But also to improve the system.

DETAM GROUP believes that Training, Inspection and Development in the area of ​​Occupational Health and Safety is a lifelong process and that this area should be fought up to a Safety Culture. In this conscious institution, in the scope mentioned above;

To perform internal regulations in consideration of the expectations and needs of our employees,
Keeping the satisfaction of our employees and job satisfaction in the front plan,
To plan activities to increase the performance of our employees,
To carry out studies that will enable our employees to adopt cooperation and team working understanding,
Continuous improvement of Human Resources Management System applications is our main goal.