Detam Group of Companies

Ministry of Labor and Social Security, E. Baş Inspector Ibrahim OGUR in 1996,
“DETAM, established as” BUSINESS LAW, BUSINESS HEALTH AND SAFETY “Counseling Company;

With the service concept based on QUALITY, which is revealed in the process, expanding with the service contents complementary to Occupational Health and Safety, under DETAM GROUP

Today, with the confidence of you, covering 81 provinces;

  • Common Health and Safety (OSGB) Service
  • MoNE Certified Professional and Legal Requirement Training Services
  • First Aid Training Service
  • Remote (on-line) Training Service
  • Environmental Consulting Service
  • Energy Management Auditing and Reporting Services
  • Periodic Test Control Services
  • Workplace Medical Report Service
  • Ambulance, Patient Transportation Services
  • Mobile Browsing Services
  • Height Working Service
  • Industrial Climbing and Easy Access Services
  • Fire Engineering, Risk Assessment, Training and Exercise Services
  • Emergency Assistance and Explosion Protection Services
  • Risk Assessment and Reporting Services
  • Job Security Specialist, Workplace Physician and Health Personnel Appointment Services
  • Foreign Personnel Employment Permit Service
  • Domestic and Overseas Private Employment Services
  • ISO 001, 14001, OHSAS 18001, HAZOP Consulting and Supervision Services
  • CE Certified Personal Protective Equipment Sales Services
  • Consulting and Advocacy Services in Work Accidents
  • Social Security Consultancy Service
  • Legislation Publishing and Documentation Services
  • Construction Site OHS Project Consultancy Service
  • OSGB Units Competence Auditing and Reporting Service
  • İSG6331 Audit Software Portal Service
  • İSGHABER Publishing Service,

The 28 TURKISH STRUCTURES OF SERVICE SUPPLEMENTARY COMPREHENATED are composed of Engineers, Lawyers, Academicians and Labor Inspectors serving in the organizations of the Overseas and the organizations that are deployed in the “RUSSIA, KAZAKHSTAN, AZERBAIJAN, TURKMENISTAN, KOSOVO, ARAB EMIRATES, DUBAI and SUUDI ARABIA” We carry the pride and happiness of reaching a staff of 450 Experts.

As of today, among the references of DETAM, we have been together since the year of detam, each of which is special, ASELSAN, HAVELSAN, METU, BILKENT UNIVERSITY and TECHNOLOGY and INFORMATION LEVEL High VODAFONE, SIEMENS, As well as CONSTRUCTION and INDUSTRIAL INSTITUTIONS which are among the top 100 companies in Turkey and signed by INTERNATIONAL PROJECTS in terms of capital.

OUR GOAL; In all our activities, we will extend our services of supervision, training, technical and legal consultancy services that we have established in Turkey to international platforms.

We believe we will succeed.
Our respect

İbrahim OĞUR
Chairman of the Board