Tt is the training to be given for the personnel who work / will work in tourism and accommodation facilities, before starting work, following the health examinations and workplace physician control.

As a result of this training, the participants are given an overview of new CORONAVIRUSES (COVID-19 INCLUDING), emerging respiratory tract viruses, and they are provided with information about the following issues.

  • The nature of the emerging corona viruses,
  • How to identify and evaluate an outbreak,
  • Strategies to be applied to prevent and control the epidemic caused by KORONA VIRUS,
  • Risk communication
  • Diagnosis, prevention, response when it occurs of the CORONAVIRUS

By providing general information on the subject, information is provided on how to cooperate with EMPLOYER, OHS Professionals and related Persons and Organizations.

COURSE OBJECTIVE                                             : Defining the basic principles of emerging viruses and how to effectively intervene in case of epidemic and gaining Hygiene Rules

COURSE TRAINING HOUR                                              : About 3 hours

TRAINING MODEL                                                  : Live Streaming in hands-on classroom via Virtual Classroom

CERTIFICATE / PARTICIPATION CERTIFICATE/FORM                : Participants who get at least 80% of the score in all exams will be given a “Success Certificate” and a “Course Participation Certificate” for those with a score below 80

COURSE CONTENT                                                  :

  1. Overview of respiratory viruses on the rise, including COVID-2019
  2. Explaining why emerging respiratory viruses, including COVID-2019, pose a global threat to human health.
  3. Diagnosis of emerging respiratory viruses, including COVID-19
  4. HYGIENE Rules and Application in Protection from COVID-19

GENERAL LEARNING OBJECTIVE                        : In accordance with the Circular of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism dated 12.05.2020 and numbered E.339385; To inform the personnel who work / will work in the accommodation sector, following the Health Check to be made before starting work after the CORONA VIRUS, during their duty, the personnel about the PERSONAL HYGIENE, which is one of the most important factors in combating COVID-19 PANDEMIA.

PS: Our trainings are given by our Workplace Physicians/Doctors.