We call any kind of danger that is not clear when, where, how and in what form, and that occurs outside the will of the manager.

The concept of risk engineering is examined in 4 main contexts.

  1. Knowing the risk well,
  2. Diagnose the risk correctly.
  3. Eliminating the identified risks
  4. Transferring risks that cannot be eliminated.

In the competition created by the open price system, it becomes more important to identify and prevent risks in the business market, avoiding the need for competition and / or going further than competitors.

OUR GROUP; Based on the demands of the professional risk engineers, the business and workplaces in the following subjects; RISK ENGINEERING provides risk engineering service for detection and reporting of risk.

Fire Risk Analysis

Earthquake Risk Analysis

Safe Transport and Lifting Plan

Labor Legislation Risk Management

Labor Litigation Risk Management

Safe Work at Height

Environmental Legislation Risk Management