As an organization that is aware of its social responsibilities, contributes to the business inputs and the country’s economy, attaches importance to the ENVIRONMENT and HUMAN, and has the authority and responsibility to implement; based on the principle of continuous development and improvement, we determine the environmental, health and safety risks and develop measures for the organizations we serve in order to plan products, solutions and activities that are environmentally compatible and bring human health to the fore,

Apply methods that will completely eliminate the dangers,

To fulfill our legal responsibilities determined by the legal legislation, business specifications and Management Systems related to the health / safety risks and environmental dimensions that occur during our activities

To plan our Operational Occupational Health, Safety and Environment application activities in a way to prevent health, safety and environmental risks,

As an indicator of our sustainable development, to reduce the environmental pollution caused by our company and the institutions we serve, and to ensure and ensure the efficient use of energy and natural resources

To prevent the occurrence of work accidents and occupational diseases by protecting the individual health of DETAM employees, customers’ employees and making the working and environmental conditions healthy,

In our facilities, working on improving the knowledge and awareness levels of our employees and suppliers working in our customers’ workplaces, businesses and construction sites, based on the philosophy of “Human Health, Safety and Environmental Protection First”,

Instantly transmit environmental, health and safety information to our customers regarding the products and services used by our customers, participating and supporting the activities of public and private organizations, Quality, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety Management System are the basic elements in determining our goals and objectives that will improve the management system.

What we have done until today and what we will do from now on is open to the public’s knowledge, within the whole of integrated management systems, ensuring environmental quality, Protecting human health, creating and maintaining safe working environments is the main duty of all of us as DETAM employees.