Occupational Health and Safety Services for Low Level Dangerous Workplaces

In accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Law No.6331, the obligation to have occupational health and safety services for low dangerous workplaces with less than 50 employees starts from 1 July 2020 in all work areas including the public.

Our 24 years of experience to prevent occupational accidents and diseases in your work areas; We are happy to serve you with our professional staff with the necessary knowledge and equipment.



DETAM will actually work in the workplace to fulfill the duties specified in the “Regulation on the Task, Authority, Responsibility and Training of Occupational Safety Specialists”, and will assign occupational safety experts.


DETAM will perform the following services through the OHS Experts appointed by DETAM.

  • Advise the employer on the planning, organization and implementation of the work, including the design, condition of machinery and other equipment, maintenance, selection and materials used in relation to the work done and changes to be made in the workplace. To provide suggestions and recommendations to the employer in order to ensure that the selection, supply, use, maintenance, storage and testing of personal protective equipment are maintained in accordance with the occupational health and safety legislation and general occupational safety rules.
  • Investigating the causes of work accidents and occupational diseases in the workplace and to make suggestions to the employer by conducting studies on measures to be taken to prevent recurrence.
  • Conducting studies to investigate the causes of incidents that occur in the workplace but do not cause death or injury, but have the potential to damage the employee, equipment or workplace, and make suggestions to the employer.


Participating in the work and implementation of risk assessment in terms of occupational health and safety, making suggestions to the employer about the health and safety precautions to be taken as a result of the risk assessment, and following up and revising them together with the Occupational Safety Board established at the workplace, if any.


  • Surveillance of the working environment, planning periodic maintenance, control and measurements required to be carried out in the workplace in accordance with occupational health and safety legislation, having them done through accredited organizations and controlling their applications.
  • Participating in studies to prevent accidents, fires or explosions in the workplace, to have drills done.
  • Making suggestions to the employer about the prevention of work accidents, to follow the practices,
  • Participating in the preparation of emergency plans for situations such as natural disasters, accidents, fires or explosions, monitoring and controlling periodic trainings and exercises on this issue and acting in line with the emergency plan.
  • Preparing the annual evaluation report, in which the workplace health and safety studies and work environment surveillance results are recorded, in cooperation with the workplace doctor, in accordance with its example.
  • Organizing informing activities for employees, submitting them to the approval of the employer and controlling their implementation.
  • Preparing occupational health and safety instructions and work permit procedures in order to be used where necessary, submitting them to the approval of the employer and controlling their implementation.
  • Evaluating work accidents and occupational diseases with the workplace doctor, to prepare the necessary preventive action plans and to follow up the applications by conducting examinations and researches to prevent the recurrence of the dangerous incident.
  • Working in cooperation with the occupational health and safety board of which it is a member, if any,
  • Supporting and cooperating with employee representatives and support staff.
  • The information activities for the employees will be examined and the applications to be made will be submitted to the approval of the employer and the application will be checked periodically.
  • Occupational health and safety instructions, procedures and work permits will be prepared and submitted to the approval of the employer and periodically controlled.


  • Planning the occupational health and safety training of employees within the framework of the “Risk Analysis” to be carried out in accordance with the relevant legislation, submitting it to the approval of the employer and controlling the applications within the framework of the plan below.
  • Training The number of participants will be decided together with the management.
  • Trainings will be carried out by experts in charge with powerpoint shows, animated films, images of occupational accidents and applied studies.
  • All personnel participating in the training will be given a “Participation Certificate” on Basic Training Subjects. (There is an obligation to continue education for the certificate.)
  • Training activity evaluation forms will be prepared as a result of the exam to be held after the training.
  • The content of the training will be shaped after the risk analysis.


DETAM will assign a physician with a workplace medical certificate to carry out workplace medicine services in the workplace. The physician will carry out the following studies within the specified legal period within the days determined by the parties.

  • The Workplace Doctor will carry out his work as specified in the legislation,
  • If found, to participate in the occupational health and safety board, to provide consultancy on the surveillance of the work environment and the health surveillance of the workers and to monitor the implementation of the decisions taken,
  • Advise on the maintenance and cleaning of the canteen, dining hall, dormitory, nursery and breastfeeding rooms, dressing rooms, showers and toilets, if any,
  • Advise on occupational health, hygiene, collective protection methods and personal protective equipment,
  • Advise the employer on the necessary activities in order to improve occupational health and safety in the workplace,
  • Carrying out periodic inspections and participate in risk assessment studies within the scope of occupational health and safety studies,
  • Carrying out preventive health examinations that must be done in accordance with the legislation on the assessment and prevention of harmful risks in the workplace,
  • Determinşng whether there is a relationship between absenteeism due to health problems and possible health hazards in the workplace, and to evaluate the results in terms of workers’ health by making measurements regarding the working environment when necessary,
  • Taking into account the physical and mental capacities of the workers in terms of ergonomic and psychosocial risks in the execution of the work, conducting researches to ensure the harmony of the work and the worker and to protect them from stress factors in the work environment,
  • Making the health surveillance of the workers,
  • Arranging the recruitment and periodic health examinations of the workers at intervals specified in the occupational health and safety legislation in accordance with the sample included in the annex of this regulation and to keep them in the workplace,
  • In cases of absenteeism due to health problems, to make a return to work examination and to recommend that those who are found to work in their previous job should be employed in a job suitable for their current health status,
  • Preparing a report by making the necessary preventive health examinations for the placement of workers such as vulnerable risk groups, those with an occupational disease diagnosis or suspicion, those with chronic diseases, substance addiction, and those who have had more than one work accident,
  • Conducting non-spreading and immunization studies for the control of infectious diseases, ensuring that porter examinations are carried out,
  • According to the results of the health surveillance, to recommend the necessary measurements to be made within the scope of the surveillance of the work environment in cooperation with the occupational safety specialist, to evaluate the measurement results,
  • Informing workers about health surveillance and obtaining their consent, informing workers adequately and appropriately about health risks and health examinations,
  • Necessary laboratory examinations, radiological examinations and porter examinations, to ensure the control of infectious diseases, carrying out immunization studies, to constantly monitor and monitor the general hygiene conditions of the workplace and its attachments,
  • Preparing the annual work plan, in cooperation with the occupational safety specialist, if available, to record the work on health surveillance at the workplace, to prepare the annual evaluation report in accordance with the sample attached to this contract and to send it to the Ministry electronically.
  • Carrying out the organization of first aid and emergency response services in the workplace and to provide training for the personnel in line with the relevant legislation,
  • Cooperating with relevant parties to provide information and training in the fields of occupational health, hygiene and ergonomics,
  • Providing training to workplace managers, occupational health and safety board members, workers and their representatives on general health issues and to ensure the continuity of these trainings,
  • Providing training in the workplace about the dangers of using addictive substances.
  • Participating in researches in the field of occupational health and safety,
  • Working in cooperation with the relevant units in the workplace and authorized hospitals in the diagnosis of occupational diseases for the rehabilitation of workers who suffer from work accidents or occupational diseases,
  • Participating in the analysis of work accidents and occupational diseases and the development of programs for the improvement of business practices,
  • Participating in the development of programs for the improvement of existing practices, such as evaluating and testing new technology and hardware in terms of health,
  • Preparing the annual work plan and annual evaluation report in cooperation with the occupational safety specialist, if available,
  • Cooperate with relevant parties to provide information and training to managers, occupational health and safety board members, if any, and workers on general health, occupational health and safety, hygiene, personal protective equipment and collective protection methods. Ensuring that these trainings are carried out and certified.


As Detam within the Scope of Other Health Staff Services, we assign our personnel part-time and full-time in relation to the demands of our customers. The duties of our personnel that we will assign within this framework;

  • Working with the workplace doctor, collecting data and keeping the necessary records in planning, evaluating, monitoring and directing occupational health and safety services.
  • Writing the health and work histories of the employees on the recruitment / periodic examination form and helping the physician during the examination performed by the workplace doctor.
  • Following the groups that require special policies and ensuring that the necessary health examinations are made.
  • Working with the workplace doctor in the organization and execution of first aid services.
  • Taking part in the health education of employees.
  • Working with the workplace physician in the continuous monitoring and supervision of the general hygiene conditions of the workplace building and its extensions,


√Covid19 Emergency Planning and Risk Analysis

√Characteristic Infections of Pandemic Covid-19

√Protection and Control Measures

√Precautions for Implementation


√Waste Management

√Social and Common Usage Areas

√ Occupational Health and Safety Equipment With Cleaning


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