DETAM Business Law Firm, REAL and LEGAL person Customers;

  • Labor Law and SGK Disputes
  • Accidents at work
  • Occupational Health and Safety Cases
  • Labor Cases
  • Union and TİS Disputes
  • Union TİS Authorization Cases
  • Provides services for the examination of Business Line Objection Cases.

The investigation carried out by our Labor Law Office is aimed at determining the functioning of our client companies or the legal deficiencies and potential risks of our clients and preventing them.

By our Labor Law Office; In the assessment of the Due Diligence Process to be made on the Target Companies, first of all, all documents in the physical or electronic data room (PHYSICAL OR VIRTUAL DATA ROOM), where information and documents about the company are collected, are examined by our office from all aspects; Then, in the light of this information gathered, the legal status of the company is determined and a detailed report is created and this report is presented to our clients.

With the completion of the Due Diligence process and the presentations made afterwards, it eliminates the deficiencies in the structure and operation of our customers, determines the risks related to the prevention of possible legal disputes in advance and ensures that healthier commercial decisions are taken, thus preventing possible financial damages to a great extent and taking precautions against the risks that may occur.