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DETAM GROUP; With the principle of “Saving a human being, saving the whole humanity” with the principle that protecting Human Health and Safety is the most important value, we have adopted scientific thinking, creative, open to innovations and changes, dynamic, aiming to continuously improve the human resource in order to struggle and be successful in this field. It has adopted the principle of employing, ensuring the permanence and efficiency of this resource it employs.

DETAM GROUP, Human Resources Unit;

It continues its activities to ensure that employees adopt the principles and objectives of the institution, and at the same time prepare an environment where they can develop themselves, reveal their creative aspects and work in the most efficient way; studies are also continuing to improve the system. In our Institution, which is aware of this, within the scope mentioned above;

  • Realize in-house regulations by taking into account the expectations and needs of our employees,
  • Prioritize the satisfaction and job satisfaction of our employees,
  • Planning activities to increase the performance of our employees,
  • Carrying out studies that will enable our employees to adopt the understanding of cooperation and teamwork,
  • Continuous improvement of Human Resources Management System practices is our main goal.