Providing availability of first aid
ARTICLE 19 – (1) Within the scope of occupational health and safety;
a) 1 first aider for every 20 employees in low level dangerous workplaces,
b) 1 first aid worker for every 15 employees in mid level dangerous workplaces,
c) 1 first aid worker for every 10 employees in high level dangerous workplaces,
must have.

What is first aid?      

Until the help of healthcare professionals is provided in an accident or a situation that endangers life, it is the drug-free interventions performed at the scene, with existing tools and equipment without medical equipment, in order to save the life of the patient / injured or to prevent his condition from deteriorating.

What are the primary goals of first aid?

  • Eliminating the danger to life
  • Ensuring the maintenance of vital functions
  • Preventing the patient / casualty’s condition from worsening
  • Facilitate healing

In our country and in the world from the press and televisions almost every day; We hear about disability, death, or the loss of work force they cause. Some of the reasons for these are; People who intervene in accidents do not know about first aid practices, and failing to perform a first aid application in time or with an appropriate technique. Conscious and timely first aid practices delay the recovery of patients and cause them to become disabled or die.

First aid training; It has a life-saving importance in dangerous situations such as illness, accident, earthquake, fire, as well as minimizing life-threatening risks.

Throughout her/his life and at any time, people may encounter situations that require first aid.

In accidents and sudden illnesses, effective and knowledgeable first aid can ensure that the patient or injured can be taken to the hospital alive and the life of the patient or injured can be saved.

Approximately 10% of deaths in accidents occur within the first five minutes, and approximately 50% of deaths in accidents occur within the first half hour.

There is a high chance of preventing deaths by providing first aid at the accident site in the shortest time, effectively and consciously.

With the idea that avoiding some dangerous behaviors can save people’s lives, we focus on what not to be done as well as what to do in First Aid practices in our trainings. The person who will apply the first aid can save lives by preventing negative factors during the accident.

Our trainings; It is at the adult level, the application is predominantly carried out by interactive methods.

First aid training; Although it can be given in Detam Training Halls, if desired, if the conditions specified in the regulation are met, it can be carried out within the institutions themselves by obtaining approval from the Ankara Provincial Health Directorate.

“Update First Aid Training”; 1 Day – (8 Hours);

“Basic First Aid Training”; 2 Days – (16 Hours).