Environmental Laboratory

In our environmental laboratory; Emission-Immission measurements and environmental noise measurements are carried out within the scope of the Industrial Air Pollution Control Regulation with our experienced expert staff authorized by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

Emission and Immission measurements are carried out in industrial facilities that carry out the activities listed in Annex-1 and Annex-2 of the Environmental Permit and Licensing Regulation. It is important to make emission measurements in order to detect and control the pollutant emissions (smoke, dust, gas, steam) emitted from the chimneys of these facilities to the atmosphere.

The emission-immission measurements must be renewed every two years in accordance with the Industrial Air Pollution Control Regulation.

Our laboratory carries out these measurements with TURKAK Accreditation and with the authority of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

In addition to sampling volatile organic compounds, analysis processes are also carried out in our laboratory.

The report to be prepared after the completion of the emission measurements is prepared in accordance with the format in SKHKKY Annex-11.

Environmental Noise measurements cover the measurement and evaluation of the noise emitted during the activities of facilities and enterprises (industrial facilities, cafes, bars, restaurants, wedding halls, etc.).

Enterprises wishing to obtain a live music license / live music permit must comply with the limit values ​​specified in the Regulation on the Assessment and Management of Environmental Noise and have environmental noise measurements made.

Environmental noise measurements are required in sound complaints made to municipalities and Provincial Directorates of Environment and Urbanization. These measurements are made by authorized environmental laboratories.

As Detam Environmental Laboratory, we serve with our expert and competent staff within the scope of these requirements.